New Tile Colours in Vogue

In response to the latest global trends and advances in architectural design, Vogue System has introduced a new colour palette to its comprehensive colour collection, along with a striking new triangle format.

Vogue System is a complete system of solid-coloured, frost-proof glazed porcelain tiles made by Ceramica Vogue. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, System has evolved to become the company’s flagship product on both the Italian and international ceramic tile markets.

Creative Colourways

The colour range is one of the most comprehensive on the market, offering a selection of 34 different shades. The introduction of the new colours comes in response to the growing demand for versatility and sophistication in both public and private interior landscaping and outdoor aesthetic designs. With Ceramica Vogue tiles, you can design elegant walls featuring complimentary or contrasting colour combinations, or experiment with different finishes in colourways.

There is a rainbow of colours to choose from, allowing you to adhere to traditional classic styling, or be adventurous with colour for a more contemporary look. Customise your kitchen, bathroom and living spaces to reflect your playful personality.

Inspiring Sizing

Traditional sizes have been maintained, with the addition of contemporary new versions mounted on a mesh backing, making System an important compositional tool for architects. The new product offers a multitude of possible combinations and results. Thanks to myriad different sizes and special pieces available, you can explore diverse dimensions to bring the rooms of your home to life.

Triangles to adore

The new triangle format offers a different take on bold, geometric designs, that, when paired with a contrasting grout colour, promises to take a space to the next level of sophistication. From classic wet room settings, to feature walls in cafe’s and commercial spaces, these stunning tiles add elegance and style wherever they are laid.

Innovative Designs

The great variety of colours, finishes, sizes and special pieces makes System a highly versatile range. It is suitable for use in projects of all kinds, from residential designs to commercial spaces and public facilities such as hospitals and schools. The System is an important compositional tool for designers and architects, offering a multitude of possible combinations in tile shape, colour and style. This includes spaces that require strong aesthetics and specific technical and functional properties.

Eye-catching finishes

Customise the look and feel of your tiled area by using different tile finishes to add style and sophistication. A playful mix of matte, gloss, flooring and grip finishes energise a space, allowing your personality to shine through.

The system comes in four Finishes:

  • Satin: defined by solid matt colour which accentuates the identity of the tile, available in 34 colours and 8 sizes, with special pieces available in all colours.
  • Gloss: a glossy finish that reflects and “welcomes” the space around it within the tile, available in 26 colours, eight sizes and a range of special pieces in all colours.
  • Flooring: characterised by a Satin finish non-slip surface specifically designed for use on the floor, available in 14 colours and 4 different sizes.
  • Grip: similar to flooring finish but with more grip distinctively designed with non-slip properties, available in 14 colours 3 different sizes.

A special finish is also available for swimming pools.

Bump is a textured surface in the 10×20 size, created for swimming pools and wellness facilities and for all places where water is present, requiring not only particular technical features but the special pieces available.

All surfaces are available in multiple sizes to allow maximum design freedom.

Always in Vogue

The System has grown to become Ceramica Vogue’s most iconic collection, globally. Its variety of colours, finishes, sizes, and special pieces produces a charismatic and versatile range of tiles.

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