Top 10 Best Selling Wall and Floor Tiles 2022

Choosing a tile for your home can be challenging; with so many options available, coming to a decision is no easy task. We often have customers ask us what our best-selling tiles are. So, to help narrow it down, we’ve created a list of our top ten best-selling wall and floor tiles in 2022.

The Best-Selling Tiles In 2022


An exciting interpretation of mosaic tiles, the Seta tile collection offers a matt finish in an astonishing range of colours, which creates a fascinating play of light and shadow on the tile’s surface. Available in three sizes, Seta offers almost limitless combinations and compositions. Suitable for use in residential, commercial, and wellbeing settings where life and beauty flow freely, Seta provides a unique take on traditional tile choices, which is one of the reasons this tile is so popular.

Seta Tiles


These stunning stone look tiles exemplify exquisite porcelain stoneware. Each tile has elegant nuances, incredible detail, and soft veining effects, which emulate the natural veining patterns in stone. Advances in printing technology make these tiles almost indistinguishable from natural stone, making their popularity no surprise. These beautiful tiles are available in a range of balanced, neutral colours composed of one white, four shades of grey, and a multicolour touch for maximum versatility. These beautiful tiles are suited for residential and commercial applications.

Mirage Silverlake Orsi tiles


For fans of the aged sheet metal aesthetic, Lemmy is a range of metal look wall and decorative tiles that offers incredible sophistication and style. Available in five natural colours and three contemporary shades, the collection embodies urban-chic style, cleverly combining metropolitan and industrial elements to create stunning compositions.

Lemmy Tiles

Vogue System

Offering a comprehensive range of colours and sizes, Vogue System continues to perform as one of our most popular tile choices. A versatile range, Vogue System is suitable for many applications, from residential projects to commercial spaces and public facilities. Choose Vogue System for your next project if you desire a sophisticated aesthetic and specific technical and functional properties.

Vogue System Tile Collection


Acosmopolitan collection, this versatile range offers you the opportunity to add geometric patterning to any space. Keratec’s colour range blends well with other materials, providing a stylish contrast to more tactile materials. The high performance of the Keratec collection combines beautifully with its minimalist aesthetic and possesses excellent slip resistance, making it suitable for step treads, profiles, round edges, and skirtings.

Stone Age

Stone look tiles that exude glamour and style are in high demand this year, with our Stone Look collection adding an extra level of sophistication to any residential or commercial space. This incredible range meticulously reproduces the tones, grains, and veins of stone, giving the appearance of aged limestone.



The popularity of natural stone look tile continues with the Flodsten collection. Carefully emulating natural marble from Northern Italy, Flodsten is available in various sizes (including large format tiles) and tones, making it adaptable to all settings. Suitable for interior and exterior spaces, this tile range is spectacular.


The subtle patterning of the Lagoon range offers a sought-after contemporary feel and a warm, inviting touch. This range has again proved popular this year and is available in a colour palette of five neutral shades, perfect for commercial and residential projects.


A neutral palette recreates the timeless appeal of sedimentary rock in this divine collection. Perfect for both commercial and residential applications, Geostone’s large format tiles create a sense of space and freedom. The simple elegance of these porcelain tiles belies their durability, and we expect to see more architects and designers choose this range for large-scale projects in the future.


In 2022, we’ve noticed a surge of interest in tactile tiles, and the Regolo range is top of the list. Offering stunning patterns and finishes, from the interwoven surface of Tatami to the rounded, elevated surface of Bamboo, this range offers a new perspective on tactile aesthetics. When paired with an Ultra matte finish, Regolo creates a harmonious balance of shapes, functions, and shades of colour.

Appiani’s Regolo Tile Collection

Four tips for choosing tiles

Tile Size

Generally, the larger the room, the larger the tile. Large-format floor and wall tiles look incredible in open spaces, while highly decorative wall tiles and mosaics can add drama to smaller areas.

Tile Shape

Add interest through tiles with unusual shapes and surfaces. Our hexagonal Lace wall tiles offer an innovative and stylish interpretation of decorative tiles.

Colour and finish

Lighter, neutral colours with a glossy finish enhance natural light, while deeper matt colours create drama and warmth.


Add an extra dramatic element through innovative grout choices. Using a contrasting grout colour to the tile can create an exciting aesthetic.

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