Timber Look Tiles


Classic Ceramic’s timber look porcelain tiles combine all the warmth and natural character of wood with the performance of high-quality ceramics, creating a welcoming, elegant, and functional environment.

Wood’s natural beauty takes generations to form—the intricate whorls, knots, and grains reflecting the character and personality. Classic Ceramics range of timber look tiles reimagines these unique characteristics, creating a sublime tiling option. 

Sustainable, environmentally sound, and virtually maintenance-free, our timber look tiles in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, are a perfect addition to any location. This range offers both indoor and outdoor timber look tiles, blurring barriers between living spaces.

Our range of timber look tiles offers many variations, grades, and finishes, from the deep warmth of our darker woods to the paler hues of our mid-century contemporary Scandinavian-inspired timber. The wide range of colours available allows for multiple combinations and exceptional freedom of design. 

Porcelain is impervious to water, making our timber look tiles perfect for bathrooms, outdoor spaces, pools, or kitchens. Even the hardest of wood can suffer dents, scratches, and nicks over time. Our timber look tiles are resilient and beautiful and will never show signs of wear and tear. 

This range is perfect for high-traffic areas. From long and wide timber look tiles to tiles mimicking the intricacy of parquetry, we have the perfect tile for you.

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