Timber Look Tiles vs. Timber Flooring: Which is the better choice?

The appeal of wooden floors never seems to go out of fashion, and with modern timber look tiles vs timber flooring, the possibilities are endless. Wooden floors provide warmth and connection to the natural world, keeping people feeling grounded and comfortable. While natural wooden floors offer a unique aesthetic appeal, relative durability, and anti-allergenic and stain-resistant qualities, this comes at a cost. Good quality hardwood floors are expensive to lay and require ongoing maintenance to keep them free of scratches and wear and tear.

However, thanks to modern manufacturing methods, you can now replicate the look and feel of wooden floorboards with timber look tiles. Timber look tiles have evolved significantly since they first entered the tile market and now closely resemble natural wood.

While price is an obvious benefit, timber look tiles offer a range of advantages over traditional wooden floorboards. Read on to learn why investing in timber look tiles is a better flooring choice for your residential or commercial property.

Real timber: Cons

Maintenance and upkeep

Suppose a natural-looking wooden floor is the aesthetic you want for your space but want to avoid the headache of ongoing maintenance. In that case, we recommend investing in reliable wood look substitutes. Floorboards require regular polishing and sealing to maintain the timber’s natural beauty and health. Failing to do so will lead to the floorboards scratching, cracking, chipping, or denting over time. Daily wear and tear can result in traditional timber flooring showing scratches and dents and possible softening or dulling of protective finishing coats. When this happens, you’ll need to contact a professional to sand and re-polish the surface, bringing it back to life again. This process can be expensive and disruptive, possibly requiring you to relocate while the sanding occurs.

Not suitable in wet areas

While wooden floorboards offer versatility in most areas, even as decking outside, it’s not so great for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Timber is vulnerable to water, even if it has been polished and varnished. Unlike most tiled surfaces, wooden floors can stain, scratch, and be damaged by moving furniture.

Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

Incredible advances in manufacturing technology, including ink-jet printing and 3D manufacturing, mean timber look tiles are almost identical to natural wooden floorboards.

The ability to reproduce natural veining effects and the distinctive gnarls and compact fibres displayed in the wood make timber look tiles almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Some timber look tiles also mimic natural imperfections found in real wood! Timber look tiles are beautiful, sturdy, durable, and easy to install and available in a range of colours and designs, from pale natural woods and parquetry to a traditional dark wood look.

Advantages of timber look tiles over natural timber flooring

Typically, timber look tiles are manufactured from porcelain or ceramic, making them incredibly hard-wearing and durable. Available in dedicated interior and exterior ratings, you can lay timber look tiles in any area of your home, from kitchen and bathrooms to bedrooms and even outdoors. Outdoor timber look tiles look stunning around a pool replacing traditional decking with a sturdy, durable and beautiful alternative.


Timber tiles offer a realistic alternative to natural timber flooring. They can be used as floor or wall tiles and are available in an extensive range of shapes and finishes, from smooth satins to organically textured or highly polished styles to suit almost any interior design scheme.

Timber look tiles require little ongoing maintenance, and you can easily wipe away basic spills or stains without the risk of damaging your floors. Unlike natural wood floors, timber look tiles will not fade or fatigue due to Australia’s harsh sun and offer an exceptional aesthetic for blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces.


If sustainability is a deciding factor for you, it’s worth remembering that timber look tiles are a more sustainable option for the environment than their real wood counterparts.

Perfect for pet owners

While a natural timber floor can last a lifetime if properly maintained, the surface will remain susceptible to water damage, scratches, and staining, making it a little more difficult if you have a four-legged friend in your home. Timber look tiles offer your pets the option of running freely across tiled surfaces without any concern about accidental water damage or potential staining to the surface.

Timber tiles capture the beauty of natural timber while combining the durability and ease of maintenance of a porcelain tile or ceramic tile. Overall, timber look tiles are eco-friendly and sustainable, easy to maintain, versatile, and available in a range of design options, making them an excellent flooring option.

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