Pantone Colours of 2021

delight drop ocre tiles for kitchen

Pantone has officially chosen its Colours of the Year for over 20 years. This carefully curated selection influences multiple industries, from fashion and industrial design to home flooring and accessory design. Its influence can even be seen to play a role in home renovations.

2021 has seen two gorgeous colours chosen – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow). So, if you are thinking about a revamped interior or exterior redesign, consider incorporating one or both of these delightful colours into your design.

What do the colours represent?

Pantone describes these colour choices as:

“A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.”

Given the global pandemic of 2020, Pantone’s message is well-timed.

Pantone Ultimate Gray is the ideal alternative to white, balancing out pops of colour and grounding designs. It adds warmth to a room without being overpowering.

Pantone Illuminating, the perfect foil for Ultimate Gray helps brighten and energize spaces.

Combing this stunning, energetic yellow with the calm and composed grey foundation in porcelain tiles creates dynamic and innovative designs that will thrill for years to come.


With its original, crafted clay look, Delight adds the promise of something sunny and friendly to any space. The cheerful tones are grounded by the grey, giving it a sense of confidence and sophistication while still imbuing a whimsicality.

Vogue System

The vibrant Cedro from Ceramica Vogue uses a glossy finish to enhance the playful energy and movement of this colour. It occupies just the right amount of space to grab one’s attention. The Perla balances the energy and the light with its calm matt finish, creating balance and joy.


Lemmy has a “sheet metal, aged and scratched by time” look that brings a sense of drama. While a touch of matt yellow can really pop, Lemmy’s metallic look tiles balance space with varying degrees of depth. It nods to mid-century modern design while bringing nuance and flavour to any space.

Why choose Classic Ceramics for porcelain tiles in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane?

At Classic Ceramics, we strive to match the perfect product to every project, from residential to project-planning destinations, chasing excellence in everything we do, and we are thrilled with this year’s Pantone colours.

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