Tile Flooring Trends 2021 – Contemporary Tile Ideas for your Home

2021 promises to be a year of pared back luxury and style, featuring cool tones, greys, and light natural colours. As homeowners, architects and designers use flooring to set the tone or feel of the home, the need for hardwearing and durable floor tiles with clean lines that adds sophistication and elegance continues to grow.

And manufacturers are responding to this need by developing and producing a superb range of high-end luxury floor tiles for sale, featuring more beautiful colours and natural looks than ever before.

Looks and styles

One of the biggest floor tile trends we are seeing for 2021 is the overall desire for natural stone, cement and wood looks and styles. As technology improves and ink-jet printing allows manufacturers to produce authentic looking textures and colour variations, contemporary tile looks are one of the hottest options on the flooring market.

Expect to see plenty of traditional timber and stone look floor tiles, as manufacturers mimic the natural grains and colour variations.

Bright, clean, elegant marble look tiles never go out of style, and this is true for 2021. Marble look tiles are the very definition of refined elegance and class. Ceramic tile manufacturers have mastered the marble look, creating a less porous, more durable, less expensive, and more accessible material than marble itself.


Grey flooring has grown in popularity during the last decade and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Classic and timeless, large format tiles create the perfect backdrop for designer pieces of furniture.

Stone, wood and cement look tiles for floors are still hugely popular choices for commercial and residential builds, adding elegance and glass wherever they are used.

Pops of colour are also back in vogue, creating statement areas when used. These stunning bathroom designs featuring coloured subway tiles are bold and innovative.

Layouts & Sizes

The desire for creating unique spaces that reflect personality is another growing tile trends for 2021. Mixing up your tile layouts in creative ways changes the feeling and tone of a room, invoking a playfulness that is restorative after an intense year in 2020.

For those looking to pay homage to Boho influences and a Moroccan feel, mosaics continue to trend as the choice for injecting sass and quirkiness into a home. They add flavour and style to all rooms in the house, and our range of exciting colours, finishes and sizes will ensure you find the perfect mosaic for your project.


We are experiencing growing demand for shaped tiles, in a move away from traditional squares and rectangles as features in wet areas and living rooms. This trend is fast growing and we are delighted to stock a range of unusual and beautifully shaped tiles.

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