Sustainable Tiles


Classic Ceramic’s sustainable tile range offers you the opportunity to create harmony and eco-consciousness wherever you place them. Sustainable tiles add a distinctive stylistic element to your architectural spaces.

You can’t deny the inherent appeal of sustainable tiles, from the subtle hints of nature’s beauty shining through environmentally-friendly surfaces to highly reflective and impactful designs.

A number of our sustainable collections use recycled materials, minimising resource consumption, and promoting circular economy principles, where products are designed to be reused, recycled, or repurposed. 

Our range of sustainable collections allows for multiple combinations, enabling you to create a truly unique design. Available in various nature-inspired colours, such as earthy tones, forest greens, and ocean blues, you can use these tiles to bring a sense of eco-luxury to any setting. If you’re looking to add harmony, sustainability, and even warmth to your space, contact us today.

Classic Ceramic’s sustainable tiles in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne create great focal points in any room. Explore our range of sustainable tiles today and make a lasting, eco-friendly statement.

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