Regolotto – Contemporary Geometry

Regolotto stands as a testament to timeless design. It defies hierarchy, inviting you to explore your boundless creativity. The collection does not just follow trends, it inspires them.

Two distinct versions for endless possibilities. Choose between the Flat version, offering an even, level surface that exudes elegance, or the textured version adorned with the Tatami pattern, in relief.

Regolotto thrives in the here and now with its sleek 15×15 cm format. It’s a canvas for your creative expression and the perfect collection for those who seek to embrace modernity without compromise.

These tiles are crafted from premium white body glazed stoneware, ensuring not only beauty but also durability.

Discover the Regolotto collection through your own sample folder, and let your imagination roam free.

Regolotto creates an opportunity to reshape spaces and redefine aesthetics.

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