Mosaic Tiles


Mosaic Tiles - Premium Mosaic Colourful Tile Patterns

Classic Ceramic‘s range of mosaic tiles is fun, versatile, and colourful. Our collection of mosaic tiles extends beyond beautiful glass mosaic tiling to include options such as porcelain, ceramic, metal, natural stone, and mixed elements.

For centuries, mosaic tiles have been a favourite style element in homes and buildings. The versatility of mosaics allows for creative, innovative, and colourful designs, textures, and patterns. Mosaics add character and personality to bathrooms, kitchens and as a feature in other areas, in both residential and commercial spaces.

Mosaic tile manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of production techniques, and designs are now available in glass, ceramic, and stone materials. With mosaic tiles, you can create patterns and highly tactile surfaces, along with detailed murals. Think metallic tones, shimmering glass, textured tiles with a rustic charm, and natural marble mosaics with a touch of Art Deco styling.

Mosaic tiles are an excellent choice for eye-catching kitchen splashbacks, functional and stylish bathroom floors, and so much more. Classic Ceramic’s mosaics collection will add a dynamic flair to any room. The possibilities are endless with mosaic tiles in SydneyBrisbane, and Melbourne, Australia.

Mix and match different colours or designs, and let your imagination run wild as you re-invent your residential or commercial space. Contact us today for more information about our mosaic tile collection.

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