Top 5 Mosaic Tile Ideas To Transform Your Home

Mosaic tiles are an excellent way to inject your room with a dose of bright and vibrant colour. Their versatility means they can be installed on surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms to commercial and bespoke projects. The unique beauty of mosaics lies in their different shapes, surfaces, materials and colours, allowing you to create stunning designs that not only enhances the aesthetics of where they sit, but ones that truly reflects your own style and personality. The only limitation to the way you can use mosaic tiles in Australia is your imagination, so think big and beautiful before you begin your project.

Kitchen Splashback

If you’re an avid cook, you know how important a kitchen splashback is for protecting walls from unwanted splatter, while being easy to keep clean. Kitchen splashbacks also give you the opportunity to add personality to your kitchen Does your kitchen have an understated style? Then consider opting for a bold pattern or colourway. Herringbone never ages and adds timeless elegance to even the most contemporary architecture. If you are looking for a more low-key approach to splashbacks, in-keeping with the neutral décor of your home, think about a modern take on classic subway tiles, which are both versatile and widely available.


Adding different surfaces to your tiled areas adds drama and effect. The stunning Delight range adds flair to your bathroom, while the bold Denim tile combines architecture with design and art. A story told in mosaics, these little enamelled ceramic tiles in pure colours take in light and reflect it to multiply their image and create multi-coloured surfaces and fields.


And don’t forget, mosaics also look amazing when used outdoors, creating stylish and desirable areas to enhance your quality of life.

Decorative Patterns

Geometric tiles make a feature on any surface. Their combination of bold colours and eye-catching patterns has seen them favoured by many interior designers, helping them become a key trend in 2021. These tiles create mood and atmosphere wherever they are used, and can act as a focus point on a floor or wall, producing a brilliant multi-dimensional effect.

Mosaic Art

For those looking to create what can only be described as a piece of mosaic art, Classic Ceramics have a range of suitable tile options available. Our team of experienced in-house professionals can help you design something unique and beautiful – all you need to do is ask.

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