Modern Tile Trends To Explore In 2023

Just like in high fashion, ceramic tile trends constantly evolve. Each year, interior designers worldwide look ahead and anticipate what types of products, finishes, and aesthetics will move into the spotlight over the next 12 months.

An enduring design feature

For thousands of years, tiles have adorned the walls and floors of the places we inhabit. Adored for their beauty, functionality, and longevity, tiles are decorative and versatile surface finishes that continue to grow in popularity.

Versatile and flexible

Tiles of all shapes, sizes, and finishes breathe style and sophistication wherever they appear. From a classic Victorian floor tile to a large format natural stone look tile, there is a wall, floor, or outdoor tile for every residential and commercial space.

Choosing your tiles

When selecting tiles for your home or commercial space, critical aspects include the material, finish, size, colour, pattern, layout, and your desired overall aesthetic. With many trends and styles to choose from, these modern tile trends for 2023 will help you narrow down your selections and be up to date with the latest in tile design.

Here are Classic Ceramic’s top modern tile trends for 2023

Cement look tiles

The industrial concrete or cement look tile continues to trend in 2023. The Plaza tile range offers a glamorous style paired with exceptional functionality, elevating every room to new levels of sophistication.

Plaza Porcerlain Stoneware Tiles

Marble look tiles

The trend for authentic-looking floor and wall tiles that accurately replicate the intricacies of natural marble continues to grow. Our Cosmopolitan range delivers a thousand times over for those wanting statement wall and floor tiles of extraordinary beauty. Stunning.

Cosmopolitan marble look tiles

Stone look tiles

Contemporary stone-look porcelain interior and exterior floor and wall tiles channel natural stone’s raw beauty and allure. These incredible tiles work to create environments that exude style and timeless sophistication. Our Silverlake range echoes the colours and striations seen in nature and is sure to impress.

Silverlake Tile Range

Terrazzo look tiles

Terrazzo-look floor and wall tiles are showing no signs of diminishing in popularity. These incredible tiles’ colour ways and variations offer versatility and style to both residential and commercial spaces. From the classic look of the Carnevale range to the modern styling of the Flodsten range, terrazzo-look tiles continue to amass admirers.

carnevale and flodsten tiles

Timber look tiles

Classic mid-century style meets modern manufacturing advances in the Koru range of timber-look tiles. Natural materials will continue to trend in 2023, and the advantages of timber-look tiles continue to grow. Perfect for exterior use, the large format Noon range of timber look tiles offers all the stylistic beauty of nature with the functionality and advantages of ceramics.

Koru Wood Look Tiles

Metallic look tiles

Some designers suggested metallic look tiles had a use-by date. However, in 2023 we predict to see even more of this style of tile across interiors and exteriors. Adding a dramatic feel wherever they are featured, our Lemmy tiles create quite the impact.

Wall and Decorative look tiles

Adding unique flair and individuality is a big trend in 2023—the ongoing search for authenticity and truth results in some incredible use of patterned tiles. Wall and decorative look tiles, like the stunning Corrispondenza range, provide the perfect medium for creating an impactful design statement. Just like a beautiful work of art.

Mosaic tiles

Adored for their vibrant colours, intricate designs, and a mixture of textures, mosaic tiles are looking to b become one of the most significant tile trends of the year. We predict this trend will continue to grow. The intricate patterning of the Pastelli mosaic tile range offers strength and beauty, creating a stunning backdrop wherever they are laid.

Pastelli tile range

Anti-slip tiles

Functionality and beauty blend in perfect harmony as the desire to blur the boundaries between internal and external spaces grows in popularity. From the classic beauty of the Borgona range, which meshes Burgundy stone with Onyx marble, to the ultra-modern styling of Keratec, don’t let the thought of functionality hold you back from making bold design choices.

Keratec Tiles

Natural stone tiles

From our stunning geometric Ekos range to granite, limestone, and marble, natural stone tiles never go out of fashion. Natural materials establish a luxurious and dramatic look and remain popular for bathrooms and kitchen countertops.

Ekos premium stone tiles

Large format tiles, porcelain tiles

Eye-catching and splendid, large format tiles offer a striking appearance guaranteed to turn heads. They create a feeling of space and luxury, bringing a decadence associated with premium hotels. The award-winning Borgona range continues to inspire, offering sleek style and sophistication bordering on iconic.

Borgona tile range

Choose Classic Ceramics for your tiles in 2023

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