How to Mix and Match Premium Tiles for Stunning Results

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. Like haute couture and overseas holidays, the saying is true for tiles.

The right combination of floor and wall tiles is harmonious, exciting, balanced and energising in one. You can use feature accents to energise a classic concrete floor, liven up a contemporary bathroom with the latest subway tile designs, or modernise your kitchen with complementary wall and floor tiles.

Whatever your home renovation goals, tiles are a versatile finishing touch. So in this blog, we’re going to look at a few ways mixing and matching premium tiles achieves those goals and elevates spaces to new heights.

Different tiles, same colour

Modern bathroom design calls for consistency and calm. In other words, you don’t want too much going on.

However, you can still get creative without overusing one design motif. For example, colour-matching two different tiles creates a subtle, effective definition between walls and floors.

For instance: Regolo Tatami in Lunaria on your bathroom wall, paired with Sorrento floor tiles, creating a consistent design aesthetic balancing classic and contemporary influences.

Same tiles, different colour

Another way to subtly mix things up is by using the same tile system in different colours. It’s incredible how the right colour combination can pop, with the colours complementing each other rather than competing.

We recommend using a European tile like Ceramica Vogue, available in an up-to-date range of colours, for you to choose from. The Vogue system colour palette has been carefully selected, with endless combinations to try:

  • Going grey: Ghiaccio, Lilla and Perla evoke calmness in a modern bathroom.
  • Trending colours: Like Cipria and Mattone have warm desert tones that tie into the whole succulent craze beautifully.
  • Modern blends: Rosa & Tortora blend well with the deep shade of Malachite and the calm of Mastice creating a very modern fresh look.

See all the Vogue wall and floor tile possibilities here.

Adding accents with wall and floor tiles

With the right premium-quality tile combination, you won’t need to worry about hanging art on the walls. Modern European tile designs increasingly feature accents and energetic patterns that pair well with the classics.

The Soda collection from Ceramica Bardelli celebrates the mystery of creativity with imaginative tile designs. Arrange Soda in any way you please against a clean backdrop like Open Air concrete tiles, and suddenly you have a unique, energetic floor covering.

A splash of colour never hurts, like Studiopepe’s Pittorica floor tiles in your favourite modern arrangement, paired with artfully accented Primitiva wall tiles. It will feel like stepping into a contemporary art gallery every time you enter the room.

Final tips for matching premium tiles

Pick your favourite first

Choose your “must-have” tile first, then find a complementary design.

Don’t overdo it

Some styles can clash, especially if you pick two intricate patterned tiles or detailed designs. Instead, try to pair one bold and one subtle design or choose colours that complement each other.

Ask the experts

With so many floor and wall tiles to choose from, it can be hard to pick a favourite, we’re here to help you. So if you have a motif in mind, browse our European tile collection online or visit a showroom in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to experience inspiration for yourself.

Your vision, our expertise.

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