Classic Ceramic’s metallic tile range offers you the opportunity to create drama and movement wherever you place them. Metallic tiles add a distinctive stylistic element to your interior landscape.

You can’t deny the intrinsic wow factor of metallic look tiles, from the subtlety of metallic glimpses shining through oxidised surfaces to highly reflective and impactful mosaics.

Metallic hues are versatile and ably fit any interior style choice, brightening up rooms and adding a sleek, modern, reflective surface with mirror-like elements. Metallic look tiles breathe life and personality into your residential or commercial space, adding shine and texture that stands out. In addition, metallic tiles reflect their surroundings, making them easy to match with paint colours and interior design styles. A bonus of metallic tiles is the reflective nature of their surface, which can brighten and enlarge spaces.

Our range of metallic mosaics allows for multiple combinations, enabling you to create a truly unique design. Available in various colours, such as gold, bronze, copper, and soft silver, you can use these tiles to bring a dash of glamour to any setting. If you’re looking to add drama, sophistication, and even warmth to your space, contact us today.

Classic Ceramic’s metallic look tiles in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne create great focal points in any room. Explore our range of metallic look tiles today.

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