Marble Look Tiles


Premium Quality Marble-Look Porcelain Tiles

Classic Ceramic‘s collection of marble-look porcelain tiles is extensive. Created through innovative technologies that produce tiles with extraordinary authenticity, our carefully curated collection offers high-performance marble-look tiles for bathrooms, walls, and floors. Our range boasts stain resistance, durability, and easy care while infusing any area with classic style and elegance.

Marble-look floor and wall tiles suit all design styles, from pared-back contemporary modern to luxurious renaissance classics. Italian tile companies continuously develop advanced technological machinery to deliver tiles that authentically replicate their natural counterparts.

These days it isn’t easy to differentiate between porcelain and natural marble. Marble-look porcelain tiles reproduce the most sought-after and valued marbles in the world. Classic Ceramics marble look tiles in SydneyBrisbane, and Melbourne encompass a rich range of colours and shades.

Porcelain tiles do not require sealing, and as they are 100%, waterproof staining is virtually unseen. The strength and durability of our marble-look tiles for walls, floors, and bathrooms make them perfect for all areas of your home.

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