Keratec – Decorative Patterned Tiles in Focus

Keratec Decorative Patterned Tiles

This Spring, experience Keratec ceramic decorative tiles at Classic Ceramics. Keratec tiles for floors and walls are extruded porcelain tiles created from premium raw materials. These materials are submitted to a grinding process, shaped by high-pressure extrusion, and fired at high temperatures.

Keratec products display such a diverse range that they aptly suit the most demanding and ambitious projects. Classic Ceramics is thrilled to offer an extensive range of these incredible porcelain tiles.

Why choose Keratac Tiles?

Considered pioneers in the world market, this elegant cosmopolitan collection displays incredible versatility. The delicious, contemporary colour range blends extraordinarily well with other materials. The size variations allow for multiple pattern applications, thus creating a solid foundation for the design of functional and timeless spaces. With the Keratec tile range, our Classic Design Studio can develop a unique plan just for you.

Advantages of Keratec

Keratec high-quality tiles are suitable for floor and wall installation. Their advantages include:

  • A homogenous surface and body – ensuring high longevity.
  • A high abrasion resistance – making them suitable for multiple areas, including outdoor, commercial, and high traffic spaces.
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • High resistance to stains
  • 10 colours

Mix and match your selection

Balance large and small tiles effortlessly with Keratec. If you want to encourage an open feel for your bathroom, large format tiles create a feeling of spaciousness. Large tiles enhance the size of the room. Small tiles matched seamlessly with large tiles create movement and style.

Play with patterns layouts by experimenting with different decorative designs, think geometric, chevron, herringbone, or florals in bold or subtle colours to create impact and flair. Decorative tiles matched with subtle solid colourways help create drama and sophistication.

Why choose Classic Ceramics for decorative Keratec wall and floor tiles in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane?

Our passion is matching the perfect product to every project. At Classic Ceramics, we adore creating unique spaces in residential, commercial, and corporate locations. Our goal is to achieve excellence across every touchpoint with our clients and invest time in understanding your individual needs and requirements. We deliver decorative wall and floor tile solutions guaranteed to bring joy for years to come.

Are you an Architect or Designer? If you’d like to discuss tiling options for a residential or commercial project, make an appointment with one of our in-house experts in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

Or, if you are looking for bespoke items, our Classic Design Studio will bring your vision to life. This service provides custom-made items such as step nosing, skirting pieces, and diverse custom mosaics – where the tiniest details make all the difference.

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