5 Brilliant Ways To Use Terrazzo Look Tiles In Your Home

There are some trends in interior design that never go out of styles, such as marble surfaces and geometric patterns. One such classic look is porcelain terrazzo tiles with their delightful speckles.

Terrazzo look tiles are one of the most popular design materials. From kitchen benchtops to furniture, and of course floor tiles, terrazzo look tiles are used everywhere!

Once a mainstay of mid-century homes, this composite tile is made by setting marble chips, quartz chips, metal chips, or glass chips in resin or concrete. Creating these custom tiles is laborious, making the final product somewhat expensive. You can find great modern alternatives to the look that aren’t too expensive if you love the style in the form of porcelain terrazzo tiles.

Terrazzo look tiles offer a wide range of options and are also a pocket-friendly solution to Terrazzo tiles. Learn more about the difference between Terrazzo look tiles and Terrazzo tiles.

The installation and maintenance of terrazzo look tiles are easier, but their benefits are numerous. Let’s dive deep into the world of Terrazzo look tiles.

How To Install Terrazzo Look Tiles?

To prevent grout staining and make cleaning easier, it is advisable to seal natural terrazzo before installation. Once the tile has been grouted and cleaned, one must seal it again with a penetrating sealer or terrazzo sealer to safeguard it. By doing so, the surface is protected against staining and will be easier to maintain.

Terrazzo look tiles, however, make the installation process comparatively easier. They don’t need any fancy process to be installed and to look beautiful on your property in Australia. Additionally, they are safer to install in bathrooms than other types of flooring.

Due to its delicate nature, many designers steer clear of using natural terrazzo in bathrooms or at least in showers. As an alternative, you could use terrazzo look tiles in the bathroom to get the same look and feel while having the features of porcelain tiles.

Patterns And Colour Scheme Of Terrazzo Look Tiles

There is no shortage of colour and pattern options when it comes to terrazzo look tiles. You can choose from warm brown tones, cool and contemporary whites, or bold pops of colour to suit your decor. Terrazzo look tiles can also be found with oversized chips or smaller dots, depending on how dramatic you want it to be.

Terrazzo Look Tiles Size

As a matter of tradition, authentic terrazzo tiles were manufactured in two sizes: 400 x 400 x 16mm and 600 x 600 x 20mm. But now, suppliers can manufacture virtually any format with Terrazzo look tiles – even in different shapes, such as chevron patterns – if they have enough time.

Terrazzo will continue to expand in the future with a wide range of options available to homeowners.

How To Enhance Your House With Terrazzo Look Tiles?

Here are some tips on how you can make this stylish style work in your home featuring the AMA tile collection:

Monochrome Is The Way To Go

While terrazzo look may seem intimidating at first glance, don’t be put off by all the Pinterest boards. The versatility of terrazzo look tile makes it perfect for complementing any space with ease.

Stick with a simple colour palette if you want a style that won’t date but has a bit of a panache. Any room looks elegant and sophisticated with a monochrome or cool neutral colour scheme. If you pair these Terrazzo look tiles with black or silver accents, you’ve got yourself a room you could publish in any design magazine!


Less Is More With Luxe

Terrazzo tiles made to your specifications can run you a pretty penny, but great alternatives to terrazzo tiles are readily available. When used in larger areas, terrazzo look tiles can be very effective and create a luxurious atmosphere.

You can never go wrong with porcelain terrazzo tiles, as they are an affordable solution. The porcelain terrazzo look tiles offer a great polished concrete effect and are known to create a calming and elegant atmosphere in any room. They will surely elevate the look of your home.


There Is A Terrazzo For Every Room

The terrazzo surface is primarily used for floors and is often used in trendy bathrooms. However, you can use it in many different ways as the versatility of terrazzo makes it suitable for any space.

Let your imagination run wild and use it in unexpected ways in your home to create an interesting effect. Its surface pattern and durability make it suitable for most uses.

If you’re planning a backyard renovation, then Terrazzo look tiles are perfect for you! Terrazzo provides unexpected depth and texture to any outdoor patio, and its surface finish ensures your feet stay dry.


Terrazzo For Bathroom Countertops

In addition to being available as tiles, terrazzo can also be cast in situ. Using this method, the concrete is poured directly on a surface that has been prepared with granite or marble chips. The finished product is smooth and can be moulded around edges and curves to create a seamless finish.

However, it can be a pain to install, and that’s where terrazzo look tiles come in. They look basically the same but offer ease and convenience compared to no other.


Flooring And Stairs With Terrazzo

Terrazzo is most commonly used for flooring and staircases. In contrast, flooring can be either cast in situ or laid with terrazzo look tiles. Staircases can be cast with poured concrete mixed with terrazzo chips or be finished with terrazzo look tiles to bring out the elegance of a space.


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