Instructions Relating to Goods

Tile selection and fixing inherent characteristics of ceramic tiles and natural stone.

  1. It is the responsibility of the owner either directly or through its architect, builder or tiler to ensure that the tiles selected are suitable for their intended application.
  2. All ceramic tiles can be slippery when wet. Classic Ceramics accepts no liability for accidents arising out of inappropriate tile selection, inappropriate maintenance or fixing that is not strictly in accordance with applicable Australian Standards.
  3. Variations in tile size and weight through the manufacturing process are common.
  4. Variations in tile shade from shipment to shipment cannot be avoided.
  5. Where possible, spread tiles from several boxes to ensure that the end user is happy with the blend.
  6. Immediately after fixing, suitable protective measures should be taken to avoid unnecessary damage to the tiles. Some ceramic glazes can become scratched by foreign abrasive material during installation.
  7. For natural stone such as marble, travertine and granite:
    • These products are subject to variations in thickness (calibration) and all other dimensions, variations in colour, grain, structure and veining, as well as pitting, fissures and cracks. We recommend the practice of blending materials between boxes and/or crates to help minimize the effect of any naturally occurring variances.
    • All natural stone tiles and slabs should be laid by qualified and experienced marble and granite stone masons or tilers to avoid damage to the material or a poor finish.
    • All natural stone must be laid using specialized stone/marble adhesives. We recommend you seek advice on the application process from a tile adhesive manufacturer.
    • Natural stone should not be cleaned with acid or acid based industrial cleaners.
    • We strongly recommend sealing using appropriate sealants. We recommend that you seek advice on pre-sealing and sealing aspects of natural stone and the ongoing maintenance of natural stone.
  8. During installation, Classic Ceramics recommends the use of ‘anti lippage’ or ‘self-levelling’ systems for tiles with a nominal length of 600mm or more.
  9. Acids in cleaning chemicals may damage the surface of tiles. No responsibility will be accepted by Classic Ceramics.

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