Flauti: Celebrate Texture and Light

Flauti Porcelain Stoneware Wall Tiles

2021 is proving to be a year of European glamour and style when it comes to tile trends. Texture is in, glass panes are now fluted, and surfaces are displaying three dimensional elements, bringing elevated tactility to interiors.

We are thrilled to announce that Ceramica Vogue’s new stoneware listels collection, Flauti, is now available in Australia. Developed in collaboration with Italian studio Marcante-Testa, this gorgeous multifaceted collection plays with light and space, bringing elegance and style to any location.

Pure style

Conceived to feature architectural spaces through micro-structures, the way its random mesh-mounted supply makes light reflect in different ways gives a sense of “movement” to walls. Flauti brings life and vibrancy, along with a stunning flawless finish. Stylised reflective surfaces help increase a sense of space, adding nuance and ambience to interiors.

Layers of light create a movement of colour, imbuing spaces with sophistication. Flauti promises elegance and innovation – and we’re smitten.

Embrace by maximalism with Flauti

What was once a category of music, visual art, and literature has now expanded into the world of interior design, and Flauti is the perfect accompaniment to this vibrant and exciting style.


Bring European style and sophistication to your home this year by selecting Flauti for your walls. The collection exudes glamour and will be a talking point in any residential, commercial or corporate setting. The colour choice is designed to enrich your home with dramatic style, all the way up to the ceiling. Created to reflect a traditional Mediterranean colour palette, the sea greens and deep blue hues of this collection are balanced by muted neutrals – the perfect combination to create a sophisticated statement.

Ceramica Vogue

Ceramica Vogue invents, designs, and makes premium quality ceramics. These stunning Italian tile makers are globally adored by architects, designers, and those addicted to aesthetics.

When you choose Ceramica Vogue, you are choosing innovation and industrial processes based on cutting-edge technologies. All their incredible designs represent a balanced mix of superior raw materials and innovative production techniques, guaranteeing an exceptional end result.

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