Shine With Flauti Tile Collection

Ceramica Vogue Flauti Tiles

Flauti Tile Collection by Ceramica Vogue

A multifaceted collection that plays with light and space.

Flauti is the new stoneware listels collection, designed by Ceramica Vogue in collaboration with Italian studio Marcante-Testa. The collection has been conceived to feature the architectural space through a micro-structure in particular, the way in which its random mesh-mounted supply makes light reflect in different ways giving a sort of “movement” to the walls.

flauti tiles

Flauti is available in 6 colour options in both matt and glossy finish. Flauti is suitable for the indoor cladding of residential and commercial spaces and thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics, also for display on outdoor facades which is reminiscent of a typical Italian tradition that found its highest expression in the middle of the last century.

Ceramica Vogue Flauti Tiles

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