Decorative Tiles: Ways to Make a Statement in Your Home

Decorative tiles pack a powerful punch. From high gloss mosaics to intricately textured matt hexagonal, decorative tiles create immediate interest in any room. Patterned tiles, from encaustic and cement to ceramic and porcelain, continue to grow in popularity, mainly due to their ability to highlight and accent design aesthetics.

Here at Classic Ceramics, we stock an extensive range of wall and decorative tiles sourced from some of the world’s most influential tile producers. Read on to learn more about incorporating beautiful decorative and patterned wall and floor tiles in residential and commercial spaces.

Statement flooring

A patterned tile floor is an incredible way of creating a statement. Our collaboration with Nandos demonstrates how effective patterned floor tile can be in creating defined spaces. Bold geometric patterned floor tiles combine with timber-look floor tiles to highlight a clear difference between dining spaces and walkways, enhancing the overall look and feel of the restaurant. These tiles hold up with heavy traffic and are easy to maintain.

patterned tile floors at Nandos

Divine fireplaces

Why settle for a mantelpiece above your built-in fire when you can create a tile-lined fireplace that goes up to the ceiling. Adding a block of patterned or textured tiles around the fireplace turns a functional space into a beautiful one – the perfect way to keep warm during the cooler months.

Blurred lines

Use patterned or decorative wall and floor tiles to blur the lines between your interior and exterior spaces. Consider continuing a patterned wall tile from the primary bedroom to an outdoor area through a set of large sliding glass doors. Using the same tile pattern throughout enhances the room’s flow and can make a small room feel larger.

Spice up the kitchen

Kitchens can often end up feeling a little sterile. Use a combination of colour and pattern on the floor or throughout the room to warm up the kitchen, adding drama, flair, and personality to a functional space.

Personalise your workspace

Create a crisp backdrop for getting work done with cool, modern geometric tiles on the floor or wall of your home office. Complemented by neutral shelving and furnishings, these tiles add sophistication and style, perfect for hosting client meetings.

Primitiva Geometric Tiles

Colourful tile splashback

A patterned tile splashback in the kitchen is a beautiful way of adding depth to your kitchen design without overwhelming the space. From traditional blue mosaics to ultra-modern textured tiles, a carefully chosen splashback can change the whole aesthetic of genuinely functional space.

Bathroom joy

From traditional graphic black-and-white patterned tiles on the floor and walls to the high impact of our colourful Cromia range, tiles can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. Sleek, modern decorated bathroom tiles create a fresh, modern look.

Sublime outdoor spaces

Add drama and excitement to your outdoor space with decorative tiles. Consider adding a tiled section to an outdoor shower for extra sophistication or creating a feature of the tiling around your pool.

outdoor shower in Isola Tiles

Level up your commercial space

Our Volume range of decorative tiles adds a new level of sophistication to commercial areas. These stunning tiles push boundaries with their sculpted texture. Available in a range of attractive colours, these gorgeous tiles allow multiple interpretations.

Volume Tiles in White And Black

Tile accent

While wallpaper experienced a recent resurgence, the benefits of decorative floor and wall tiles never go out of fashion. A tiled wall creates impact and can become the focal point of any room.

Where to Use Decorative Tiles

If you want to add a hit of colour, pattern, and texture to a space, tiles are the answer. Decorative and patterned tiles add dimension and visual excitement you can’t attain through paint and wallpaper. Perfect for floors and walls in almost any room in your house or commercial space, tiles are the easy to clean, attractive solution to your design needs.

Between the lines

One element often forgotten when choosing tiles is the grout. Grout plays an essential functional role, filling the gaps and protecting tile edges from wear and tear, but it can also serve an aesthetic purpose.

Grout that matches a tile colour reduces the appearance of lines between the tiles, creating a sense of continuity and flow. Contrasting gout can create drama – black gout with white tiles, for example – to emphasise the geometric feel of a room.

Decorative tiles

Your imagination is the only limit on how you use decorative and patterned tiles. Consider how decorative tiles will contrast with any plain tiles you like, the other design elements in your chosen space, and the design aesthetic you wish to achieve. The variety of tiles available is nearly overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to reach out to one of our tile experts for help.

Choose Classic Ceramics for your decorative tiles

Our range of carefully curated wall and decorative tiles features a selection of gorgeous tiles from some of the world’s most influential tile producers. Whether a residential project or a large-scale commercial venture, we chase excellence in everything we do, which is why we invest so much time in sourcing the world’s best decorative tiles.

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