Creative Ways And Places To Use Stone Look Tiles In Your Home

Are you remodelling your home? Consider stone look tiles to add aesthetic appeal to your house. Stone look tiles are popular in residential and commercial projects because of their timeless beauty and natural elegance.

There has long been a preference for natural stone look tiles such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, and travertine for kitchen countertops, flooring, and bathroom walls. However, their use goes beyond flooring.

In homes, there are countless spaces where you can add natural stone look tiles to revamp the look. Stone look tiles are thin slabs available in a wide range of colours that you can customise into the desired shape and size. And they can be installed and sealed to add natural colours and textures that can accentuate versatility and luxury.

Stone look tiles have become increasingly popular as an affordable option for residential and commercial interiors. Manufacturers are recreating natural stone characteristics – such as veining, blemishes, and tonal variations – to make their tiles all the more realistic.

There’s a style for everyone’s taste, whether you prefer strong veins, cross-cut veins, subtle unified colours or strong colour variations from tile to tile. Here are a few creative ways and places where you can use stone look tiles in your home

Best Places To Use Natural Stone Look Tiles In Your House

1. Stone Look Tiles For Bathroom

In addition to using stone look tiles for floors, you can also use them on walls, showers, bathtubs, borders, around mirrors, or all over a bathroom (instead of wood). Natural stone tiles add a sense of elegance to the bathroom, enhancing the aesthetic completely.

Stone look tiles for bathrooms last longer than regular tiles if they are properly cared for and maintained. Heat, moisture, humidity, and dust do not affect them as much.

Mirage_Hub_Bathroom - stone look tiles


2. Stone Look Tiles For Fireplace

It is becoming more and more popular to use natural stone fireplaces in traditional and modern structures due to their heat resistance, durability, eco-friendliness, safety, and sustainability.

The most popular stone options are granite, marble, and travertine, which can withstand extreme heat and pressure without damaging the structure. The fireplace stones will not be damaged by any fuel used in it.

If you can’t get natural stones, natural stone look tiles are a great alternative that can be used for fireplaces.


3. Stone Look Tiles For Around The Pool

Is there anything else better than installing stone tiles around the pool? No!

Natural stone tiles are waterproof, anti-slip and heat, and frost resistant. They have several perks while making your pool look luxurious and enticing. Another perk is that the presence of chlorine doesn’t change the colour of the tiles.

You can customise the colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes of granite, sandstone, limestone and slate tiles to suit your taste and budget. All you need to do is choose the right stone look tile based on pool usage and the architectural style of your outdoors.

Mirage Silverlake Spa - stone look tiles


4. Stone Look Tiles For Kitchen

With natural stone look tiles, you can revamp your kitchen without having to remodel it completely. You can opt for stone look wall tiles, use them on benchtop surfaces, or just use natural stone look tiles on the wall behind the stove to protect them from wall stains, adding flair and style to your kitchen decor.

November - stone look tiles


5. Stone Look Tiles For Entryway

Installing natural stone look tiles in the entryway of your home will leave an everlasting impression on people visiting you. Stone look tiles for floor can easily endure high foot traffic and harsh weather conditions while offering sophisticated, fashionable looks.

You can choose marble stone look tiles for floor as they give off an elegant and classy look, granite for their non-porous property, sandstone for good traction, and a natural look with unique patterns.

Geostone - stone look tiles


6. Stone Look Tiles For Tabletop

Adding a stone look tile top to outdated tables in Australia can give an old and outdated table a new life. You can even customise the table tops for a fresh, unique look.

In addition to balconies and roofs, natural stone look tiles are also used on bar counters. These tiles are one of a kind, easy to clean and maintain, durable, water and stain-resistant, and are also cool to the touch. Stone tiles are versatile and provide endless options for enhancing the appearance of a home.

Whether you are looking for stone look wall tiles or stone look tiles for floor and bathroom, they provide you with several perks and options that can elevate the appeal of your house.

Mirage Lagoon Interno Esterno - stone look tiles


Benefits Of Stone Look Tiles And Why You Should Install Them

They Provide Warmth And Comfort

Stone look tiles for bathroom flooring are perfect as they provide a smooth surface you can walk on with your bare feet. The material doesn’t have any bumps and distortions, allowing you to move comfortably compared to other flooring styles.

These tiles are the best choice as the material warms and cools off quickly, which also means they might get extremely cold during winters and hot summers. You can always pair them with pedestal mats to make yourself more comfortable.

They Repel Water Damage

These stones are excellent for countering the negative effects of puddles, water spray and stray liquids.

They Keep Your Environment Clean And Safe

Stone look tiles are easy to clean and maintain as hair doesn’t get trapped within the surface, there are no lingering marks, and dirt can be scrubbed away. These tiles are also great at preventing the build-up of mildew and grime.

They Create An Eye Pleasing Visual Dynamic

Stones are beautiful and unique; they are known for adding aesthetics to your place. Your house is an extension of you and should portray your shine at its best. You can choose a style that speaks to you the most to revamp your house completely.

There is no better way to enhance the beauty of a beautiful home than with stone look tiles. The same regard that has been shown to it for so many years should be extended to it now as well.

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