Combined Beauty of Concrete Terrazzo and Porcelain


a porcelain microterrazzo


The AMA collection, designed by the Italian architect – Luigi Romanelli, is a new generation of material that combines the beauty of concrete terrazzo and the functionality of porcelain.


The collection reintroduces and showcases the characteristics of different materials through a ceramic design, amplifying them in five shades.


Available in two warm colours, the Avorio and Tortora. Cool tones in Grigio, Cenere and Graphite.


The neutral colours that come from nature, such as off-white, soft earth and ash gray, offer a large range of decorative shapes that are accentuated by the texture and brightness of the pieces.


AMA is a tile collection that might seem simple, but cherishes a huge emotional complexity, designed for creatives, as it allows for hundreds of different compositions, thanks to simple tools such as the colour palette and format changes.

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