Ceramica Bardelli

Ceramica Bardelli Ceramic Tiles

Classic Ceramics is proud to present Ceramica Bardelli. Part of the Altaeco Italian Industrial group, they created this Italian tile brand to attract the attention of astute architects searching for a company that lived and breathed a passion for aesthetics.

Ceramica Bardelli offers unmatched products adored culturally and technically and are the go-to interpreters of trends in the design and furnishing sectors. Ceramica Bardelli-branded ceramics are born from artisan’s hands, guaranteeing high quality, unique details, original tones, and subtle nuances.

Known for its top-quality glazes, modularity, and colour ways, Ceramica Bardelli is a respected world leader in glazed ceramic tiles and ceramic mosaics for both residential and commercial uses. Tradition, innovation, made-in-Italy handmade excellence, and outstanding design come together to support Ceramica Bardelli’s international reputation in the wall and floor tile sector. Ceramica Bardelli’s decades-long mission affirms itself as a sector leader and sponsor of handmade ceramics designed and produced entirely in Italy.

If you’re an architect or designer looking for world-class wall and floor tiles, consider Classic Ceramics as your exclusive supplier of Ceramica Bardelli. We are proud to supply professional designs to commercial and residential clients alike.

If you’d like to discuss how Classic Ceramics can help bring your vision to life, contact us for a confidential discussion.

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