Ceramic Tile Trends For Home Interiors 2021

If you are building or renovating a home or commercial space, it’s likely you have budgeted for tiles in the wet areas. But what type of tile are you looking for? Ceramic mosaic tiles are versatile, durable, interior and exterior friendly, low maintenance and a stunning feature to any space in Australia.

We’ve compiled a list of our predicted ceramic tile trends for home interiors in 2021.

Decorative & Patterned Tiles

Ceramic mosaic tiles are a stylish way to breathe life into your interior, allowing you to express the more creative side of your personality – in the same way a patterned silk scarf adds sophistication to any outfit. Carefully selected graphic, cutting edge styles can create a work of art on your floor, wall or as a feature in your kitchen. From art deco to Moroccan style tiles, this trend is bold and beautiful.

White Marble Look Tiles

The classic beauty of marble look tiles is undeniable. They enhance any space, adding elegance and sophistication, and suit areas where you wish to relax, unwind and recharge. Technology allows us to reproduce the veining beauty of marble with such a degree of precision it is virtually impossible to differentiate our marble look tiles from the natural stone marble.

Natural & Stone Look Tiles

We predict a boom in the use of natural and stone look tiles in home interiors. The ability for manufacturers to push the boundaries and create authentic looking travertine, slate, limestone and more has allowed the production of an outstanding product range.

With a move towards appreciation for the natural world, these tiles create a welcoming feel, adding character and personality to any room.

Cement look tile

Adding a semi-industrial but definitely on-trend look for 2021, our range of cement look tiles combines the look of concrete with the long-standing sophistication of a monochromatic colour palette. Hard-wearing and durable, these porcelain tiles are perfect for high traffic areas and their sleek appearance adds refinement and beauty to any space.

At Classic Ceramics, we strive to match the perfect product to every project, from residential to project-planning destinations, chasing excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to understand your unique needs and requirements, delivering tile solutions guaranteed to bring joy for years to come.

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Or, if you are looking for a bespoke option, our Classic Design Studio can help bring your vision to life. This service allows for making speci­fic items such as step nosing and skirting pieces where the small details make all the difference.

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Our exclusive collection of ceramic tiles caters to diverse project needs, ensuring a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Whether it’s residential or large-scale commercial endeavours, Classic Ceramics is committed to excellence.

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