Cement Look Tiles


Cement Look Wall and Floor Tiles

Classic Ceramic’s range of cement look tiles offers exceptional performance and incredible style.

Our range of formats, thicknesses, and finishes, combined with the possibility of coordinated interior and exterior spaces, allows cement look floor and wall tiles to create refined, cohesive environments.

Cement look tiles are well suited for both residential and commercial applications. From blurring the lines between interior and exterior areas in your home to transforming shops, restaurants, bars into sophisticated and stylish spaces, cement look floor tiles are resilient, durable, and stunning.

Our exclusive range of cement look floor tiles is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality that provides the perfect canvas for innovative contemporary designs. Our cement look tile collection features various Italian-made styles and sizes, encompassing a spectrum of beautiful and versatile neutral tones.

The exponential growth of the industrial, minimalist look within interior design has resulted in significant technological advances in tile production techniques. As a result, cement flooring is taking centre stage, providing the perfect backdrop across various interior design styles.

Innovations in ceramic production have resulted in tiles that authentically mimic cement styles such as raw concrete, aggregate formwork, and polished concrete.

Let Classic Ceramic‘s range of the latest cement look tile styles, and trends from leading manufacturers transform your walls and floors today.

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