Creating Luxury Through Black And White Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are a popular flooring option for homes and offices across Australia, and for a good reason. Marble look tiles are durable, easy to clean, and they look fantastic! If you are looking for a sleek way to add a touch of luxury to your home, black and white marble tiles are perfect. The possibilities for using these tiles in your home are endless, and they can match any design style.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a variety of black marble look tiles and white marble look tiles and show you how you can create a luxurious home bathroom or bedroom with them. We’ll also have a few recommendations for the best Marble Tiles for your needs. Ready to get started?

Here’s Why You Should Get Marble Tiles In Melbourne

Marble tiles elevate the look of any space and give it an elegant, luxurious feel. They maintain their beauty over time and are durable as well. Marble look tiles are available in both matt and glossy looks, which make them the ideal choice for master bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces.

The myriad of design options to choose from, a timeless everlasting look and the durability of marble tiles in Melbourne make them the preferred choice for any property. Nite by Uniquestone is a beautiful black marble look tile perfect for creating a striking focal point in any room. If you prefer a whiter appearance for your home, then Uniquestone’s Silk is the product for you. This white marble look tile makes the room feel large and airy, giving it a regal ambience.

Benefits Of Installing Marble Look Tiles In Brisbane

The versatility and style of marble look tiles make them an excellent choice for any room. Besides adding a beautiful touch to your home, they also provide a number of benefits that can enhance its comfort and efficiency.

  1. Marble look tiles require low to no maintenance.
  2. Marble look tiles are homogeneous and have even tones, graphics and veins
  3. Marble look porcelain tiles are affordable
  4. Porcelain marble look tiles add an elegant, luxurious feel to any space
  5. Marble look tiles reflect light similar to natural marble
  6. Marble look tiles are environmental-friendly
  7. Marble look porcelain tiles are easy to polish and maintain

The elegant and sophisticated beauty of marble tiles in Brisbane has captivated architects and designers across Australia. You, too, can hop on this trend and get black marble look tiles or white marble look tiles in your home from Classic Ceramics.

Spaces Where Marble Tiles Look Their Best

1. Marble Look Tiles In The Hallway

Hallways are often overlooked and neglected when designing a house, but they are essential to any home. Marble look tiles accentuate the look and feel of any hallways and make it look grandiose and regal.

2. Marble Look Tile In The Bathrooms

Traditionally, marble has been a strong and resistant material which made it ideal to be used in the bathroom. Whether it’s in the shower or used as flooring, marble and, by extension, marble look tiles have been the preferred material of choice for many Australian homeowners, especially in the black and white aesthetic, which creates a sense of luxury.

3. Marble Look Tile At The Entrance (Foyers)

Entryways or patios are the first things you or your guests see when entering a home. Black and white marble tiles here make for the perfect choice, thanks to their delicate look paired with their rugged nature. Marble look tiles in the foyer create a sense of opulence and make the space look larger and upscale.

4. Marble Look Tiles In The Kitchen

Marble makes any kitchen look upmarket, elegant and sophisticated. Homeowners are now choosing marble for their kitchen countertops, islands, and flooring. Using the contrasting tones of black and white in the kitchen gives it a vibrant and modern look, adored by many architects and designers.

Luxurious Black And White Marble Tile Design Ideas

If you want to make your home look stylish and luxurious, you should check out black and white marble tile designs. These tiles can transform any room into a haven of luxury and style, and they’re generally fairly easy to install. Use these ideas as design inspiration to build the perfect home with our Marble tiles in Sydney.

1. White Marble Look Tile Flooring Paired With Black Marble Look Backsplash Wall Tile

Picture this – a beautiful and grand his and her sink artfully covered with elegant and sophisticated white marble tile by Vita on a backdrop of elegant black marble. Now, doesn’t that seem just perfect?

This combination gives a subtle sense of royalty and adds an understated yet powerful elegance to your environment.

Vita Tiles in Spa Bathroom


2. Kitchen With Black Marble Look Tile Countertops And White Marble Look Tile Flooring

A dark black countertop, an airy white flooring and vibrant, colourful wall tiles make for the perfect combination of class, elegance and beauty. Visually, all of these work in harmony and create the perfect visual aesthetic for any home, big or small.

You can also invert the colour scheme and go with a light countertop with dark or chequered flooring to give your kitchen a playful and young look and feel.


3. Mixed Materials For The Living Space

Marble look tiles are versatile and pair well with a wide variety of materials like wood and ceramic. So don’t be afraid of mixing different materials and experimenting with colours.


Here are some colours and how humans perceive them. You can choose the colour that fits well with your aesthetic to pair with white marble look tiles or black marble look tiles in your home.

statuary venato - marble look tiles


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