Biophilic Designs: Bringing the Outdoors In

An intelligent tile choice is a simple step that successfully introduces elements of biophilic design into your build or renovation. Classic Ceramics has seen biophilic design become a lead 2022 architectural and interiors trend, one set to flourish for the foreseeable future.

What is biophilic design?

The biophilic design celebrates our innate connection with nature. Carefully chosen interior elements integrate visual and tactile experiences commonly associated with the natural environment. The goal is to create an atmosphere appreciated by mind, body and spirit.

Interior spaces become calming havens, emulating the peace and solace many find in the great outdoors. Nature helps us refresh and recharge, revive and inspire. Thoughtful design honouring the natural world hopes to evoke these positive associations in our psyche.

The concept of biophilic design has gained traction in recent years as people spend increasing time at home, whether relaxing or working. Biophilic design is also popular in the workplace. The impact on the subconscious has clear benefits for productivity and morale.

Popular aspects of biophilic design

Light, window views, and the celebration of natural light via architectural elements are all commonly referenced aspects of biophilic design. They can be integrated at the architectural stage, but also during the interiors process, dependent upon your vision.

Plants are an easy way to include a sense of the natural world, and interior choices that imply a sense of the organic through a mix of outlines are also important. You can source biophilic inspiration from a diverse array of natural environments and aesthetics.

Choice of materials and textural dynamics are core components of biophilic design. For many, the experience of nature is tactile and involves elements associated with the earth. This is why our STONE AGE tiles range has become a favourite biophilic design choice.

Personalising biophilic design

What do you love about the natural world? For some, the answer is clear. For others, the response is more abstract. Quality biophilic design should take into account experiences, tastes, relationships with nature, and design expectations around the abode in question.

Some equate relaxing nature with bright light, fresh air, and cool, sparse textile designs. Others have a preference for darker tones reminiscent of stone and earth, and soft, warm lighting. Some lean toward busier interiors that recreate the fullness of the natural world.

Interpret biophilic design to suit, because how the space makes a person feel matters. The successful biophilic design introduces and emulates natural conditions that produce helpful emotions, and forge a sense of connection. You should feel secure in a biophilic design.

How we can create this look with tiles

In terms of biophilic design, the tiles you choose can set the tone of your living space. For example, our STONE AGE tiles offer a diverse selection to meet your taste and needs. The popularity of this range lies in the way each tile captures the soul of natural stone.

The texture of the STONE AGE tile suits a biophilic aesthetic, and our tiles encapsulates luxury, beauty, versatility, and durability. This design in particular is suited for placement throughout various spaces, from parts with heavy thoroughfare, to wet areas.

The range is available in four elegant shades: White, Grey, Greige, and Anthracite. The subtle tones work in conjunction with almost any interior colour palette, and successfully support the overarching design philosophies of your home or workplace.

A clever union of design philosophies

One appeal of biophilic design is smooth melding with a multitude of design trends and interior concepts. From sleek and contemporary to romantic and grand, elements of the biophilic design philosophy will easily complement your creative aesthetic.

An appealing interpretation of nature is key. Some prefer the impression of a gently blossoming garden courtesy of white stone and pastel interior palettes. Others like forest-inspired minimalism featuring dark woods and grey stone with splashes of deep green.

Careful artistry is required to juxtapose a mix of ideas. But when done well, the results can be stunning. With the right design and interiors, your home or workplace can become a nature-inspired sanctuary, one that enhances your overall sense of wellbeing.

Contrasting textures, and tile selection

At Classic Ceramics, we offer an outstanding range of tiles that suit different ideas of biophilic beauty. One reason our STONE AGE tiles are so popular in this context is not just the reproduced tones, grains and veins, but the variety of finishes we offer.

Biophilic design celebrates contrasting textures, making mixed surfaces the most “natural” impression. From Honed, Natural (P5), Natural (≥P3) to Polished, choose a tile finish best suited to the space in question, taking into account surrounding textures.

Our specialist team is always happy to outline the ways different textured tiles are utilised by our clients. Consider browsing the Inspiration section for ideas, or take a look through our Projects Gallery to understand the innovative choices and placements possible.

Biophilic design and tile placement

Sophisticated selections for internal walls, floors, wet areas, and splashbacks are easy ways to enhance a biophilic feel. By offering an array of sizes, shades, and finishes in a single tile range, rooms can smoothly complement each other, emphasising harmony.

Blending different shades of the same tile within one space is another favourite of biophilic design since nature itself often presents a blended palette. Likewise, a mix of sizing implies the contradiction of patterns and chaos that render the natural world visually compelling.

In some cases, biophilic design means a literal fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces. If wanting to present interiors that flow on or merge with the property’s exterior, tiles prove a helpful tool. Talk to our specialist team for informed and unique suggestions.

Experience our showrooms, and spark inspiration

At Classic Ceramics we have an incredible range of luxury tiles, and for half a century we’ve been pioneering the Australian ceramic tile industry. Interpreting the latest fashions is what we do, and we’re proud of our reputation for on-trend, captivating tile designs.

Want to discuss how to integrate biophilic design into your project? Our passionate team will help you pinpoint the best tiles to meet your needs and budget. Those looking for tile stores in Brisbane, tile stores in Sydney or tile stores in Melbourne should visit us soon.

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