Bathroom Tile Trends 2021

Bathroom Tile Trends 2021

Like any room in your home, bathrooms are sensitive to style trends, and unfortunately this can lead to mixed results. We’re all familiar, I’m sure, with the abject horror of the avocado bathroom suite, or bright orange laminate cabinetry of the seventies.


At Classic Ceramics, as purveyors of designer bathroom tiles, we strive to stay abreast of tile trends, accenting our collection with the premium, timeless beauty of classic styling – ensuring your bathroom renovation stays relevant and impactful for years to come.


It’s important to carefully consider both the aesthetic and the functionality of the space, choosing your tiles to reflect those needs. Often bathroom design is linked to the design of the whole living space, and its style is informed by the surrounding aesthetics.


What follows are our insights into tile trends for 2021 – we hope you find them informative and valuable, especially if you’re thinking about refreshing your bathroom look.


The Marble Bathroom Look


Classic and elegant, marble look tiles are an excellent choice for those seeking an inspirational space in which to relax, unwind and recharge. The soothing tones of the grained tiles add visual interest and create unique spaces. Paired with a few leafy, well placed indoor plants, these tiles are timeless in their beauty and clean lines.


The Stone Bathroom Look


We are seeing growing demand for stone look bathroom tiles as manufacturers continue to push the boundaries in creating authentic looking travertine, slate, limestone and more. Demonstrating elegance and style, these tiles are well suited to bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms alike.


The Timber Bathroom Look


We predict a surge in timber look bathroom tiles in 2021. With inkjet technology allowing for intricate patterning of grains and colours, each textured tile comes with unique style and character. Timber look tiles add warmth, character and style to any space, without the maintenance and upkeep required by actual wood.


The Natural Stone Bathroom Look


If you are drawn to muted, neutral tones, then a natural stone bathroom look will suit you perfectly. Inspired by the natural world, these mild colour ranges provided a wonderful backdrop to bespoke tapware and accessories.


Decorative Bathroom Tiles

Decorative bathroom tiles allow you to express your personality. Carefully selected graphic, cutting edge styles can create a work on art on your floor. From art deco to Moroccan style tiles, this trend is bold and beautiful.


Given interior landscape trends tend to change more rapidly than flooring and tiles, consider your tile choice carefully before settling on a style. Choose premium, luxury tiles that will ooze timeless charm – choose from Classic Ceramics classic, style-infused curated selection.


If you’re an Architect or Designer and would like to discuss tiling options for a project, make an appointment with one of our in-house experts in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

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