2022 Bathroom Tiles: Top Floor & Wall Tile Trend Predictions

With 2022 fast approaching, it’s time to examine the emerging bathroom tile design trends for next year. Tiles are a crucial part of the bathroom budget and finding the right tile to capture your aesthetic while creating an open connection to nature is trending. We predict clean lines in neutral colours, with wood-look, stone-look, and concrete-look tiles symbolising contemporary bathroom design in 2022. But, let’s not forget the trend to add flair and personalisation through brightly coloured mosaics or 3D decorative tiles.

Read on to learn more about Classic Ceramics bathroom design trends for 2022.

Open space

One of the hottest trends for next year is to connect with nature. Many designers are opening the space between sleeping and bathing areas, or the bathroom to the exterior – blurring lines and creating inviting ablution spaces. This gives the bathroom an all-inclusive, spa-like feel. If space is an issue, this can be done using natural elements to create the connection.

Organic design ideas

Wood-look tiles

Matching the trend towards organic curves is growing interest in tiles that mimic the look and feel of natural wood. Timber look tiles add warmth and comfort to bathrooms, and their natural patterning looks fantastic on both the walls and the floor.

Large format tiles

When creating that minimalist feel, a wall-mounted vanity allows the large format tile to really occupy the space. The shower space is perfect to view the grandness of these tiles, allowing you to relax and unwind in a low maintenance, uncluttered environment.

Light it up

Using a skylight for natural light or large windows and doors to bring the outside in. Lighting up the tiles to enhance the space and your mood is the way to go. Metallic look tiles will add a lustrous luxury to the room. If you love glamour, consider a 3D gloss tile to add movement and style as the light reflects off the surface. To create ambience, consider adding lighting on the wall or floor, beneath the vanity or splurge on LED mirrors to enhance the look.

Industrial style

The industrial look trend will continue in 2022. A stunning mixture of metal fixtures and fittings with cement look tiles creates modern contrast, imbuing functionality and style into every space.

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