The Latest in Decorative Subway Style and Texture – Appiani Regolo

Appiani’s Regolo Tile Collection

Innovation is taking a new form with Appiani’s recent collection Regolo. Dreamlike, flexible, durable, and tactile, Regolo is an essential system characterised by different colour finishes and unique textures that can be arranged and rearranged in an infinite array of compositions.

The collection’s fresh, clean, look creates a harmonious balance of shapes, functions, and shades of colour, guaranteed to create surface interest in any bathroom, laundry, or kitchen splashback.

Smooth and uniform or textured in low relief depending on your preferred aesthetic and the material used and finish applied, Regolo guarantees perfect matching with Appiani 12x12mm, 25x25mm and 50x100mm mosaics. This clever pairing allows for the creation of focal points using distinctive tile pieces and applications. With Regolo, Appiani’s European Tiles explore new ways to define spaces in playful and innovative ways.

Read on to learn more about our favourite subway tiles from this outstanding collection.

Regolo Ultra matte

The Ultra matte opaque finish creates a natural backdrop for textured tiles, allowing the play of light to take centre stage on its surface. Ultra Matte’s full colour palette interacts with the rest of the range, which exudes muted glamour and provides the foundation for touches of texture, epitomising the value of subdued elegance – a stunning reinterpretation of the classic subway tile.

Regolo Iridescent

The muted glow of these Iridescent subway tiles follows current trends, surprising a minimal setting with shivers of colour. The light illuminates the surface with different tones depending on the angle of the observer.

Regolo Domino 100 + 50

Tiny bas-relief dots inhabit the surface of the Regolo Domino Italian subway tile range. Available with dots across the surface of the whole tile (100) or across half (50), Domino is a playful and beautiful abstraction. The geometric placing of the dots is aesthetically pleasing and creates rhythm and sophistication, a harmonious blend of shapes, functions, and colours.

Regolo Bamboo

The muted colourway of these delightful European tiles adds to their appeal. The gentle elevations in the tile create a relaxing and harmonious play of light, adding a sense of tranquillity. The straight lines offer creative freedom, allowing for new interpretations when paired with mosaic tiles. A gorgeous expression of elegance, these lovely Italian wall tiles are perfect for any wet area.

Regolo – Tatami

The recurring cross pattern of these Tatami subway tiles creates a sensual visual and tactile experience. The low relief pattern these decorative wall tiles offer displays personality and flavour in any space.

Appiani’s collection allows designers to create highly decorative and architectural patterns and compositions from single products to complex modules.

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