Anti-Slip Tiles


Anti-Slip Tiling Solution: Non-Slip Floor Tiles

Classic Ceramics‘ range of anti-slip flooring options helps dramatically reduce the risk of slips and falls, providing reliable safety without sacrificing style or practicality.

Suitable for various residential and commercial applications, our extensive range offers the perfect anti-slip tiling solution for bathrooms, outdoors, or anywhere you plan to use them. Anti-slip floor tiles provide identical durability and style to regular ceramic tiles while offering extra grip through careful texturing of surface material.

Tiles used around the home are typically assigned a ‘slip rating.” This rating gives a value to the level of resistance to slipping – often listen as an ‘R rating.’ The higher the R rating, the greater the resistance to slips. This rating makes anti-slip tiles perfect for residential and commercial environments. Check out Vogue System as they offer a variety of tile collections with different R ratings.

Anti-slip tiles holding a lower R rating still provide suitable slip resistance around the home. We recommend using R9 tiles in areas where the floor is rarely wet, opting for R10 and R11 tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, and any other environment regularly in contact with water.

Our anti-slip tiles boast refined aesthetic and unrivalled practicality, from dramatic large-format tiles to petite, colourful tiles, regardless of your area’s size, layout, or design. Classic Ceramic’s stunning curated collection of anti-slip flooring solutions in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne is the place to find the perfect tiles for your project.


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