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Luxury Wall and Floor Tiles in Australia

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Welcome to Classic Ceramics, your provider of luxury tiles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and internationally.

For over 50 years, we have successfully identified future trends, fine-tuning our selection of stunning high-quality tiles to capture the perfect balance between the Italian aesthetic and the Australian way of life. This blending of ideas has allowed us to curate a selection of premium, luxury, and bespoke tiles, positioning us leaders in our craft.

Pioneer Tile Supplier and Distributor

As one of the first (if not the first) tile suppliers and distributors to create awareness in Australia of fine Italian decorated tiles, founder Sam Giunta was later recognised with Italy’s prestigious Assopiastrelle Award. Classic Ceramics is committed to providing the highest quality tile products and customer service possible.

Our exclusive tile range encompasses ceramic, stone, glass and porcelain, as well as quartz and concrete. We strive to source inventive, complex materials surfaces and finishes designed to inspire and delight.

Exclusive Italian Tile Brands

We also stock exclusive European brands, AppianiCermica Bardelli and Ceramica Vogue, guaranteed to bring an extra level of glamour to any room – their clean lines and workmanship elevate any project to heady heights and are a must see for those embarking on a new project.

Unique Tiles Design Custom Made For You

If you are wanting something unique, consider commissioning a bespoke run of tiles through our exciting Classic Design Studio. This premium service allows you to get as creative as you like, working to your desired tile speci­fications. With only minimal restrictions, consider the floor and wall as your canvas – the design and the possibilities are endless. Think of it as similar to buying fabric and designing your own suit.

Customise your feature floor or wall further using our huge selection of stunning mosaics.

From one pair of hands to the next, each product we choose reflects our commitment to luxury, excellence and design innovation. Building or renovating a home or place of business can be a daunting and time-consuming project.

Visit Our Tile Showrooms In Australia

To ease the process, we have created showrooms to display our products in situ. Staffed by approachable design experts to guide and advise each client, our architecturally designed showrooms for tiles in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney allow you to run your hands over the tiles, feeling the cool tactile surfaces while appreciating the innate beauty of each tile type.

Whether your project is a bathroom renovation, revamping the floors in your family home, up-styling your holiday home for resort style living, or creating a chic commercial space, consider Classic Ceramics.

With our innate eye for design, and unwavering determination to be at the cutting edge of our industry, we adore bold, innovative products and supply professional designs to both commercial and residential clients.

If you’d like to discuss how Classic Ceramics can help bring your vision to life, contact us for a confidential discussion. We have the finest materials, the boldest designs, and the most luxurious of products on offer, ready to provide a lifetime of value and pleasure. Our goal is to deliver sophistication to your residence or business.

Stimulate your imagination and dare to dream with Classic Ceramics.


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